Sunday, January 23

Import In 6 easy Steps

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how to start the real imports and exports in 6 easy steps (easily explained in our small Workshops)

I would like to provide you some insight like : 

Just following these 6 easy steps , you can start getting profits in imports / exports within a month.

1. Take authentic information from Different Experienced Business persons. If you can not find any, EBA will help you.

2.  Selection of Product for Imports and Exports. EBA workshop will help you.

3.  Choosing the country from where you should do imports and exports. EBA will help.

4.  Carefully Choosing Buyers and Suppliers in the distance country. EBA will help

5.  Utmost care in the Payment Plan, The best plan goes wrong because of this. Must take the help of EBA.

6.  How to increase profits regularly .

About logistics Part,

1. How are you going to get this product )By Sea/Air/or Multi Mode

2. Which trems of shipment are you planning to do, 

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