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Import Business for Sale

Business for Sale

Need help  ?  Get free business counseling.

We give you a running business where you can double your money in 6 months to 1 year.

Business for sale in INDIA  :

In the following business  ROI = Rs 50 lakh / month on investment of Rs 3-4 crores.

Learning period is less then a month.

Metal Import Business .

Paper Import Business.

Fabric Import Business.

Artificial Plants and Flowers.

Dry fruit and Spices Business.

Electric Parts and Equipment.


Business for Sale in  in USA

Real Estate Business in USA : ROI = $ 250 K / month over investment of 3 million dollars.

Investment in Grocery Import Business in USA :  ROI = $ 1000 K on investment of Ten million dollars.

Opening Chain Stores in USA : ROI 100 K on investment of one million Dollars.

Note : These are just a few Examples to give you a rough idea.  Exact Business will be choosed by extensive counseling with you.  


We provide :

Full  background about the concerned business.

          Full knowledge of the product and service in question.

          Your meetings with the prospective buyers.

          Your meetings with the prospective Suppliers.

          Actual doing the Business.

Note : Our representative is always with you,

you only watch him and learn while he does every thing on your behalf like a business manager for you.