Sunday, January 23

Green Card and Travel in USA

Gettin Green Card for different countries is not that difficult if you know the procedures.

There are many ways of getting the Green Cards for different Countries.

We help you physically to choose the right way, which suits to your personal requirements :

More important is not only Green Card but management also that what you will do while getting the green card.

Our Academy gives you a personal and individual help through our associate offices in USA , Dubai, China etc.

Suppose every thing is planned, then We arrange for your :

  1. Very Economic Vacation in USA with homely food and comforts.
  2. Establishing Business in USA withing your budget.
  3. Help in getting Job in USA.
  4. Finding a right life Partner in USA.

Please call us for the personal Advice which will save you a lot of time, money and effort plus your dream will be comfortably realised.

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