Sunday, January 23

Bright career In Exim

Good Career Possibilities with Exim Business Academy

Very Bright career positions are possible both for new and experienced persons.  You are Welcome without any Obligation in India and Abroad, Part time and Full time.

You can help others by becoming the part of the team and helping others to grow in Imports and Exports.

  • Director Level : those who already have experience of Top level Management , Administration or Imports and Exports.
  • Lecturer : Those who are good in Public speaking , teaching experience .
  • Managers  : those who want to arrange Events and Workshops.
  • Marketing ; those Boys and Girls who good in Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Instagram Web designing, you tube , Videography and editing  etc.  an those who are good in marketing .
  • Technial : Those who knows making small video clips, Videography, Anchoring, Editing etc. 
  • Any other , who want to learn free by volunteering , as there is a big shortage of persons in this field.

Contact programme Director:

Ms Bhawana Sharma

Phone: 9013103952