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Why you need a Mentor at all? Before starting this is a good idea to personally know your Mentor. Is he knowledgeable himself, Experienced, or just has theoretical knowledge only. Can he get you started right away, or he expects all the Home Word to be done from you do only.

I, Shri Ashok Gupta Kinkar, who has spent 41 years of his life in Imports and Exports only.
My last 40 year experience in Imports and Exports is:

5 years in West Germany : Where I was doing imports of Handicrafts, Garments, Jewelry, Paintings, Agarbattis, Pickles when I was 25 years old.
5 years in Dubai : Gold and Diamond Jewellery Import and whole sale.
11 years in USA: Gold and Diamond and previous stone jewellery.
19 years: Training of people about imports and exports around the world.

Mission &


Our mission is very simple that in here only the businessmen from different lines tell you from the point of view of a businessman whose focus is on fast and quick profits and return on investment.


Our vision is on learning the actual profit making, focus is on what item and what country, the import or export should be done {of course all the necessary knowledge of documentation etc. is also given}. Because our clients do not become the part of the system of any company, but they guide the company to reach the highest goal and profit. And if not want to do the job they can start the business right away