6/6 video thanking Mr Kinkar for interview regarding Import & Export training for job & Business

6/6 video thanking Mr Kinkar for interview regarding Import & Export training for job & Business

These  video series are primarily for learning imports exports and business right from scratch to profit earning in real business within very short time.

The following video is by the courtesy of Shri Shubham Jain.  This interview is about Import and Export Business, and  was taken on 13th November 2018.

Transcription of the video clip : 

Mr. Jain : अभी आप अशोक गुप्ता किंकर जी  से मिले हैं जो यूएसए जर्मनी और चाइना से वर्क करते हैं उनका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद.  किसी भी इंपोर्ट एक्सपोर्ट की जानकारी के लिए उनसे फ्री सलाह ले सकते हैं.

 हमारे नंबर कमेंट बॉक्स में दे दिए जाएंगे.  आप नोट करना चाहे नोट कर सकते हैं.  बिजनेस से रिलेटेड कोई भी टिप्स चाहते हैं तो आप हमें डायरेक्ट कांटेक्ट कर सकते हैं.  धन्यवाद

Mr Jain : Just now you have met Mr Ashok Gupta kinkar who has worked in USA Germany China Dubai etc.  We thank Him a lot.  For any query regarding imports & Exports, you can take his advice on phone.  numbers are in our comment box and for any other tips you can contact us or him. thank you regard


Introduction of Ashok Gupta Kinkar :

 Mr Ashok Gupta kinkar is an Businessman, now giving talk shows on the art of imports and exports, because he has already lived and worked  5 years in Germany ( jewellery handicraft garments agarbatti, brass  flowers pots, shoes)  and  5 years in Dubai (gold and diamond jewellery spices and other items) 11 years in USA with office in Manhattan dealing  ( gold, silver and diamond jewellery , distribution of liquor wine,  bear and real estate,  among many other businesses.  

Now he is giving workshops and training to students,  entrepreneurs,  new and old Businessmen who wish to grow up to public limited level he is also guiding in IPO (Initial Public Offer) so that they can bring out  their own Public Issue.

How these workshops are different ?

The difference in his coaching/ training and other institutes is, that Mr kinkar is an experience Businessman himself with 40 year in actual imports and exports  business with his associate offices  in USA,  China,  Dubai,  and India.

More information you can get by Google his name –“ Ashok Gupta kinkar “ – and  going to his website importexportsbusiness dot kom. Thanks & Regards , Import Export Academy Delhi Phone : 9810890743


These  video series are primarily for learning imports exports and business right from scratch to profit earning in real business within very short time.

 Aim :  to give an insider view about imports exports and business by the video clips here and you can go to our website “ importexportsbusiness” dotkom .

Training for job and business :

 import export Academy Delhi,  holds 1, 3, 8 session workshops  for training.   By attending these workshops one can get

–  a decent executive job in any import export company because we do not teach clerical things here,  but train how to organize a business from scratch thereby giving the company profits in lacs and crores.

– Useful  for entrepreneurs :  they can start import and export right after attending  our workshops.   If you are new in business then you can be well ahead of old timer importers and exporters because of our latest items and strategies.

 If you are already in imports exports business then you can add such items where you can increase the profit multifold.

 – If you want to bring out an IPO( initial public offer) then we tell you how it is possible,  when your trusted chartered accountant says it is not possible. 

–  If you want to open a office abroad we give you direct help through our associate offices in USA China Dubai etc.

–  If you want to settle abroad with family with a Green Card then we tell you all the ways and means and rules in easy language and arrange you a legal support to make it easy and fast.

–  Apart from above we help you in many social cause NGOs and Community help businesses.

–  For this you can come to our website” importexportsbusiness”  dotkom or call directly our mentor

Detail about the Workshop Schdule, Venue , Charges, Course Details, Procedure etc.

  • One interactive session of about 1.5 hrs + question answers. it is basically a counseling session telling the scope, requirement , and the profitability, 6 easy steps to start it  :   with tea, snacks and study material                                                                                     = 5100
  • Three interactive sessions with all above and detailed actual problems and profits in the business  :  with tea, snacks lunch and study material                                          = 11000
  • 8 interactive sessions divided in two days, in a 5 star location in city with tea breaks, lunch and study material. This is a complete information after which you will be full confident of doing it. This is like a jump start to a new profitable business                                   =  25000

Full consultancy for real business, where our representative accompanies you to abroad also, stands with you while buying and selling, custom clearance , etc. cost you 1% of the real turnover + expenses and other terms and conditions will be explained to you on the basis of business and country you choose.                                               Any where from 4 to 5,00,000

 For Workshops in USA ,Ask for time schedule, venue and fee structure.

Rebates  : – in all the above workshops ,

any accompanying person will get 25 %  rebate.

if want to go next level workshop , then you can go to next level and you will get 25 % rebate there also.

you will get free support for next 3 months after the workshops and just by 10 % you can be in touch with us for each quarter.

For programme details Contact Ms Ahok Gupta Kinkar: +999999

She will match your time with the workshop time and day and availability.

The Topics taken are :

Topics covered in workshop

  • Domestic Business good or  International Business good
  • What education needed for becoming an exporter or importer.
  • Basic requirements for opening a exim company
  • What type of company one should open ?
  • Basic Requirements for a import and export company .
  • How to take a Export Import Code No. EBA do it free.
  • Import company Better or export company, the difference
  • Selection of product for Export and Import
  • Selection of items for export and import
  • Selection of country for export and import
  • How to find buyers in other countries
  • How to find suppliers in other countries
  • Export promotion councils of Government of India
  • Free sampling to the Buyers in foreign country
  • Payment methods , da, dp cod LC Advance 
  • Pricing  FG, Fob , C n f , Cif
  • Advance Payment care to be taken
  • Due Diligence
  • Fema regulations and how to comply with them.
  • Documents required in Export and  imports
  • Pollution requirements
  • Form 9
  • Making Contract within Exporter and Importer
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Inspection certificate from International Accredited Agency
  • High Seas Sales of the shipments
  • Custom clearance from Indian ports
  • Participating in Trade fairs abroad
  • Letter of Credit
  • Credits in Exports
  • Business without Investment
  • Visa requirement for USA , China, Dubai and other countries
  • Green Card and Doing Business in USA
  • Open office abroad in USA , China, Dubai
  • How to get job in imports and exports
  • Special Focus on USA , China, Dubai
  • Business possibilities other then Imports and Exports
  • How you can go Public by Initial Public Offer for your company IPO

Mr Ashok Gupta kinkar

 import export business Academy Delhi India

phone 9810 890 743

thanks and regard

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