Question: What\’s the best way to learn about import/export trading?

As for any thing to be learned in life, you need a teacher. Otherwise there would be no need for any teacher , lecturer or professor, or Guide, or when the subject matter is spiritual then it is called Guru. But nowadays there has become a fashion to call Guru, that means he is very top in the subject he is teaching.


So similarly in Import and Exports, we need some body to show us the way.

But nowadays there are many other ways to learn anything, as you can google, books or you tube, etc.

They give us a lot of knowledge, but nothing can substitute for a personal teacher.

I do not know, what is the actual effect when a teacher is available in person, then we learn it very easily, remember it good.  Only some psychologist can tell , why it is so.

But this is also a limitation with the universities, school, colleges, or short term courses, as the teachers are normally from a sector of industry, as for example, bank, customs, shipping, or just a good lecturer who is gold medal in that subject.

And sometime they are very effective public speaker, who can put any subject forcefully.  These persons have excellent qualities of learning anything from anywhere, and present it in a very impressive way, like a very talented actor. They are good Motivator, can inspire you a lot about anything.


But here the subject is Import and export, for which you don’t have to pass an exam. You want to actually do it. And that will involve a lot of precious time , effort , money, full family, your carrer, and your dreams.

Any failure is not that easy to digest. So one has to be very carefull.

For those persons, I would like to give some tips, as a Businessman myself.

I would say that it is no harm if you do some course, class, or workshop by any body.  Ultimately you will learn something. But I would advise you to talk and discuss the subject of import and export with some businessmen who has actually done it at some stage.

Then again there is a problem, that not many businessmen would like to share their business with you. Why they would discuss and share their secrets of the trade with you ?

But as a old businessman, exporter and importer and a business-Coach, I can say that , still I would advise you to talk about this subject with any businessman you can find.


Don’t ask about their line of business, but instead , bring in conversation the items which you have in mind. Then they will be happy to tell their opinion about an item , which they are not dealing. Then they would be not hesitating to discuss.

This is a difference between our teachers and workshop , that here we have arranged actual businessmen , who would like to share their information , knowledge and experiences with you. We have choosen such type of open minded businessmen, from our goodwill and relations with them.

So finally i would suggest you

1. to do some short course

2. work with some importer and exporter, even free voluntary help, if you find some possibility.

3, Talk about import and export with as many persons, including actual importer and exporters, as possible. Discuss your plan with them.   Though you will feel insecurity that some body can steal your plan, but do not be afraid, as I have seen that because you are not a successful importer or exporter already, then he will not like to copy anything of you.

4. last but not the least, if possible , come to us, because we have done imports and exports, since last 40 years in different countries and different products, and now we do not feel any competition with anybody, so we are in full capacity to tell you actual grass root level experiences to you.

For this we conduct different level workshops, where only businessmen speaks and tell their angle of thinking about the business you intend to do.

You can get full information of workshops, which are usually 4 times each month.  You can have all the   workshop information, schedule, contents of the workshop, participation fees etc from the workshop page of this website.

We help the beginners completely from scratch.  If he has a genuine interest in earning through imports and exports, then we give him all the required pin point information , strategy and we stand beside him from scratch to the profit accoumulation, because our faculty is fully trained for it.

Mr Ashok Gupta Kinkar with His Highness the President of Guyana Bharaat Jagdeo

Our main mentor , Mr Ashok Gupta Kinkar has spent his 40 years in exports and imports only. Out of which he lived 5 years in Germany, 5 years in Dubai and 11 years in USA, and miscellaneous travel around the world, like , Africa , West Indies, Russia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Ghana, Ethopia, china , Taiwan , Hongkong, Singapur, Thailand etc many many times.

You are welcome to come for a free meeting session with us.  You can take an early appointment for this.

Happy business.


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