Our Mentor, Coach, Inspiration, Business Guru

Our Mentor, Coach, Inspiration, Business Guru

Why you need a Mentor at all ?


Before starting this is a good idea to personally know your Mentor.  Is he Knowledgable himself, Experienced, or just has theoretical knowledge only.

Can he get you started right away, or he expects all the Home Word to be done  from you do only.

Our mentor : Shri Ashok Gupta Kinkar, who has spent 41 years of his life in Imports and Exports only. Go to details-Photo Gallery and Video Gallery

His last 40 years  experience in Imports and Exports is  is :

5 years in West Germany :  where he was  doing imports of Handicrafts, Garments, Jewelry, Paintings, Agarbattis, Pickles when he was 25 years old……………………..pic

5 years in Dubai :  Gold and Diamond Jewellery Imports and whole sale ………….pic

11 Years in USA :  Gold and Diamond and Precious stone  Jewellery ………………..pic

19 Years :  training of people about imports and Imports around the world………………..pic

Beside above training he is writing book on Shri Gita Ji , and gives talk shows and TV interviews on Shri  Gita ji, Ramcharitmanas, Bhagwad Mahapurana etc .

He has plans to open  Sri Gita Academies , Cow Dairy farms (Gaushalas) on district Level in India and Abroad.

1. Now why you need a mentor at all ?  If you have an experienced Architect, then very less chance of that building to collapse.  

2.  You save a few lakhs and Crores, in learning through Trial and Error.

And Specially, how so ever busy, You can always call him directly always on his direct phone no. +919810890743. You are most welcome.

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