IPO Initial Public Offer


IPO Initial Public Offer

In easy language it is bringing out a public issue of your company , thus bringing a lot of capital in the company.

Many business people who easily qualify for it , are away from it, because they do not have a right and easy information.

General feeling is that it is very difficult regulations of SEBI, and who will invest that amount in their company.

This is of course very right.  But if you know the regulations good , then it is not that difficult. Every job is difficult if you do not know how to do it.

Even making Shahi Paneer is not that difficult, but without knowledge no body can make it.

Our mentor, mr Gupta has already done a IPO long back, so he knows the basics and fine things of IPO, and has a full team, by the help of which you can easily bring out a handsome public issue of say 500 crores.

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