History of the Institute


History of the Institute

history of the institute : all started in 1979 when Mr Gupta went to Germany when he was only 25. Go for details

Time line

Birth 1954

As belong to Village of Rajasthan, we have the attachment from the grass root level , Rural life.

Travelled in India intensively ,

1979 went to Thailand, Hongkong, Singapur  for the first time to see the outside world

1980-85 in earstwhile West Germany, had office for 5 years, importing Indian Handicrafts, Clothes, and Jewellery

1985-90 Dubai as a main station, worked in the import of Gold and Diamond Jewellery mainly

1990-2001 USA Had a company there in Manhattan, New York, mainly in the field of Precious and Semi-Precious Gems , Gold and Diamond Jewellery. During this period organized the IPO of the Company in India.

2001 to Now : Started Coaching, Training of New aspirants in the field of Imports and Exports, That included

Going virtually several times every year  to Different countries like USA , China , Dubai, Africa, West Indies, Europe, etc.  with the clients, for establishing their business. 

You can see those albums in video Gallery. Link

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